Edel 5 Yacht – before and after renovation

A 22 Ewa 3

Deck and hull repair, whole yacht polishing, bottom painting, stickers replacement, sailing season preparation


anti-fouling restoration, putting foil on ship's side

Inter 22

external yacht reconstruction including the interior

Mors 720RT

Modernisation and repair of electric systems of 12V and 220V.

Solar panel and its accessories mounting.


Deck and interior making

Racing yacht – a project from a Belgian amateur damage restoration, whole yacht polishing, stickers removal, rigging replacement, construction and assembly of mast put up system, pincers + gate


Motorboat restoration.

Sasanka 620

Whole yacht polishing, ship bottom painting, regeneration of anti-slip surface, electric and gas system modernisation, window and yacht door replacement, construction and mouting of deck fitting, rigging replacement

Sunhorse 25

Electric system modernisation, constructrion and installation of fairing and hardtop over the cockpit, damage restoration, whole yacht polishing, ship bottom painting, motor removal from a drain, hull repair, mounting a motor on a stiff pantograph on a transom

Spark 550

Whole yacht painting, fitting polishing, constructing and mounting a pantograph

Sasanka supernowa

Damage restoration, whole yacht polishing, rudder blade transformation, daggerboat repair – bearing, axis of rotation replacement – anti-corrosive and anti-fouling protection


Preparation of interior yacht upholstery using a panel method


Whole yacht polishing, ship bottom and daggerboat painting, rub rail replacement, grating transformation, rigging replacement etc.

Waterland 750

construction of fairing and hardtop over the cockpit, deck painting, board fittings construction and mounting, meranti cockpit interior replacement, teak floor


Complete modernisation of water and electric systems of 12V and 230V, yacht polishing, ship bottom painting, stickers replacement, minor carpentry repairs of the yacht's interior

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Bathing platform build

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