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This department is responsible for projects connected with laminates and composites. Our company uses polyester, epoxy, vinyl ester and acrylic resin with the use of manual and mechanical method. We offer individual as well as serial productions which include:


  • polishing and restoration of any scratches or damages

  • applying new gel coat layers

  • mold building and restoration

  • production with the use of entrusted molds

  • production of yacht equipment elements such as fairing, hardtop, hatch, gangway and spoiler

  • production of offroad equipment elements – leak-tight offroad cases, hardtops, bodywork elements,

  • light element construction for car tuning

  • production of decorative interior design elements: kitchen countertops, tables, stairs, windowsills

  • production of heavy-duty elements which are antistatic and resistant to erosion, high temperature or chemicals



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The office and plant is open from Monday to Friday,

from 8am to 5pm

Saturday from 9am to 2pm