About the company,


We would like to present you here briefly some more details about our company. NYC Boatyard Poland was created by people who share great passion for what they do.


Adam Piekutowski, an acclaimed Warsaw-based boatbuilder with a vast experience of 14 years, is  head of our technical department. What's more, Adam is in charge of our production team. He is well-known to sailors in Warsaw District but not only. Adam is the author of numerous perfectly-finished yachts, with his service ranging from interior making, rigging, to laminated elements. In addition, he has general knowledge and experience in operating different kinds of technical systems used on boats.

Keeping an eye on all the latest news and products helps him in providing quality advice to his clients on technology, devices and materials required for a project.



Tomasz Nyc is a person responsible for the marketing department as well as running the business. Tomasz is not only an entrepreneur with a vast experience and knowledge on how to operate a business, but he is also a sailor and big fan of sailing. Boatbuilidng and yacht building technologies have remained his major interest for many years. Thanks to being a great listener Tomasz knows how to meet his clients expectations, and is very skilled at maintaining good customer relations.


Turning dreams into reality.


To sum up, the message behind our company is to combine high quality service with modern style of running the business. Our company consists of the following departments which specialize in their specific areas:


NYC Boatyard Poland – full range of boatbuilding services, Click here to find more information...

Laminatricks - laminate, resin and composite productions,  Click here to find more information...

Bandi Transport – transport service and logistics.


As we wish to meet all needs and expectations of our clients we do all kind of jobs even non-standard ones as we specialize in providing customized service. Our team favours an open-minded and flexible approach so we are ready to cooperate with individual clients as well as busines ones who are looking for subcontractors in any area we specialize in.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries




We are the first company to offer this kind of sailing service - Concierge-

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The office and plant is open from Monday to Friday,

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